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Atlas Aliment Enterprise is engaged in OEM-Product + Export Management supporting Buyer's purchase intent for obtaining infant formula milk powder- and UHT-milk products from our European business partner in Germany, Austria and France. Our company cares for export operations concerning Trade companies or Government authorities who want to purchase infant formula milk powder products from our OEM manufacturer business partner.

We do it all; handling, distributions and sales representatives; marketing and product promotion; product quality control, packaging, arranging shipping and financing. In some cases we take a title to the goods in essence becoming our own seller, co-producer and distributor.We offer Private Label (B2B) and OEM brand quality dairy and infant nutrition products Export Asian- and Middle East countries. Our product range vary from Standard (Regular) infant formula, Premium infant formula, Organic infant formula, UHT Milk, UHT Flavoured milk drinks, Organic Camel milk, fermented camel milk and dissolvable oat flakes energy food for toddler and adults.

We are reliable and responsible, loyal and honest, executing our customer orders with professional knowledge, experience and after sales service. Apart from that we offer to our customer 100% on-site service, inspection at port of loading and during unloading vessel at port of destination.

Our shipping agents and custom brokers handle all ocean freights from German, French or The Netherland seaports to China or Middle East concerning custom clearance and declaration of products in a professional and efficient way.

Product & Export Management. Premium Dairy Products.

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