Product & Export Management. EU - Dairy Products / Purchase order documentation requirements



Documentation with purchase order


  1. Weight list and specification of volume (m3)
  2. Certificate of origin
  3. Formulation specification (Receipt): 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-36 months.
  4. Ship owners statement that vessel has proper Lloyds Certification
  5. Bill of Lading / Consignment (B/L)
  6. Delivery schedule plan and name of vessel
  7. Analysis reports
  8. Sanitary certificate
  9. Warranty certificate
  10. Lloyd 's Registration Quality Assurance
  11. Certificate of NON-Radiation (Radiation free)
  12. Manufacturer Certification
  13. Quality certification
  • Samples
  • Commercial Invoice in Two Copies
  • Two copies or original bill of lading ("Clean on Board")
  • Copy of product liability insurance policy
  • FCO

From our customer we request:

  • Company registration number
  • Import Licence number (Food)
  • Full company address
  • Company phone and fax number
  • LOI written on company letter before submitting prices
  • Buyers banking- and Credit banking reference information
  • Import Agent company name
  • Port of unloading
  • Brand registration in country of destination

Product & Export Management. Premium Dairy Products.

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