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Private Label B2B e-commerce


    We define B2B negotiations as one business selling good or services to another business (as opposed to a business selling something to a consumer).

    A typical supply chain involves multiple business to business transactions, as companies purchase components and other raw materials for use in its manufacturing processes. The finished product can then be sold to individuals via business to consumer transactions.

    B2B e-commerce biz, is a slightly more evolved version of commerce. This type of e-commerce is the electronic exchange of business documents among businesses for the purpose of conducting commerce.

    B2B can be broken down into a number of categories. The first category is company websites, as many companies need to reach other companies and their employees specifically. A company website can serve as the entrance to an exclusive extranet for customers or registered site users, or as an intranet for internal use only. Companies can also sell directly from this site, e-tailing to other businesses. A B2B business can package consumer insights and consumer-centric solutions to sell or provide as a value-add to its business customers/clients. In a consumer-driven marketplace, such a service can be extremely valuable to a business.

    EU and China Food Safety Regulation

    This is about further clarification as to the new regulations required by the China CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine) for food products.

    All outer packaging is supposed to contain the following information to meet the CIQ's guidelines:

    1. Producer name (in Chinese), Export Quarantine Sanitarian Registered Number, Product name in Chinese, Lot number, production and expire date to be printed or stamped on the outer carton and the product itself.
    2. A CIQ symbol will be added on the outer carton.  Diameter of the sticker will be 20mm, 30mm or 50mm depending on the carton size.
    3. The location of above and symbol on the outer carton will be according to the local CIQ's requirement.  The location would be fixed but in no case to cover the customers information needs. Inner package requirements if necessary:
    4. A CIQ symbol would also be added to the retail packages, including retail box, pail, bags, etc.  The diameter will be 10mm.
    5. If the inner packages are a type of basket, sacks or other package style which is not suitable for adding a CIQ symbol, they will be exempted, but the exemption must be approved by the local CIQ of the producer.
    6. Producer name (in Chinese):
    7. Export Quarantined Sanitarian Registered Number: xxxx/xxxxx (total of 9 digits)
    8. Product Name (in Chinese):
    9. Lot number & Production date: xxxx ( Julian date) or YYYY/MM/DD (year/month
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