B2B-Business. Infant formula milk powder produced in the EU
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We define B2B negotiations as one business selling good or services to another business (as opposed to a business selling something to a consumer).

Your brand infant formula

With our business partners we work with customers to develop and produce their very own infant formula brand. Our know-how in the field of product development, production methods and packaging concepts is well known: We are able to offer tailor made infant nutrition products meeting the highest quality standards as demanded by the European Union Health Organization. As a customer, you can rely on quality and advice.

Our qualified team can develop a product on the basis of ready-made recipes, however, also offers advice with regard to product characteristics. We have the know-how to adapt baby milk powders to the locally applicable legislation and regulations of the countries they are to be distributed. Starter formula, Follow-on and toddler formulas are produced in France , Germany and Denmark , where we co-operate with baby milk powder factories. Our good entry to high quality raw materials and ingredients the total control throughout the complete process chain, as well as our experienced workforce, allows us to offer our customers the best possible product.

On-Formula, Follow-on and toddler formulas

Follow-on or toddler formulas are sold for ages 6 months to 2 years, (when infants are typically breastfed) and are not nutritionally complete nor subject to the same regulations as infant formula. An early example of follow-on formula was introduced by Wyeth in the Philippines in 1987, following the introduction in this country of regulations on infant formula advertising, but which did not address follow-on formulas (products that did not exist at the time of their drafting) Similarly, while infant formula advertising is illegal in the United Kingdom, follow-on formula advertising is legal, and the similar packaging and market results in follow-on advertisements frequently being interpreted as advertisements for formula. These products have also recently fallen under criticism for contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic in some developed countries due to their marketing and flavouring practices

EU and China Food Safety Regulation for customer selling to China only.

All outer packaging is supposed to contain the following information to meet the CIQ's guidelines:

  1. Producer name (in Chinese), Export Quarantine Sanitarian Registered Number, Product name in Chinese, Lot number, production and expire date to be printed or stamped on the outer carton and the product itself.
  2. A CIQ symbol will be added on the outer carton.  Diameter of the sticker will be 20mm, 30mm or 50mm depending on the carton size.
  3. The location of above and symbol on the outer carton will be according to the local CIQ's requirement.  The location would be fixed but in no case to cover the customers information needs. Inner package requirements if necessary:
  4. A CIQ symbol would also be added to the retail packages, including retail box, pail, bags, etc.  The diameter will be 10mm.
  5. If the inner packages are a type of basket, sacks or other package style which is not suitable for adding a CIQ symbol, they will be exempted, but the exemption must be approved by the local CIQ of the producer.
  6. Producer name (in Chinese):
  7. Export Quarantined Sanitarian Registered Number: xxxx/xxxxx (total of 9 digits)
  8. Product Name (in Chinese):
  9. Lot number & Production date: xxxx ( Julian date) or YYYY/MM/DD (year/month

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