Product- and nutrition label registration in country of destination
- Samples dairy products -

Our tins are made from tinplate material (Tinned steel) and hermetically protected against foreign germs, dirt and oxygen. Can inside is coated and varnished with shiny finish surface. Cans are equipped with an inside security vacuum lock and a re-sealable lid cover. Lid is designed for easy opening and airtight closing. Can is light and vacuum protected. Each can is equipped with a measuring spoon. Cans are protected against humidity and outside light by a special inside security vacuum shutter seal. Before sealing a vacuum is created and then gassed with nitrogen (as a protective atmosphere) and gas-tight sealed. Residual oxygen content max. 12%. Tinplate cans come with an PULL-TOP (Ring-pull method) flap. Lid cover is equipped with a metal flap riveted to the lid. Opening takes place along an introduced scribe line. Tinplated, internally coated cans. Contents gassed with nitrogen and gas tight sealed. Residual oxygen content max. 5%


For product registration and product analysis in country of destination we provide samples prior to purchase order as followes: - 40

- 12 x 250 ml PET bottles per product (UHT-Milk)
- 12 x 1000 ml TetraPak UHT-Milk
- 12 x 400 g can Infant formula milk powder (B2B Private label)
- 12 x 900 g can infant formula milk powder (B2B Private label)
- 6 x 250 ml ceramic bottle camel milk
- 12 x 900 g cam adult milk powder
Samples are also available without purchase order. Air freight paid for by the Buyer in advance.



Samples for product- and label registration


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